Why Support us?   

At Tel Chiha hospital we have been able to provide compassionate care to our patients since our inception, thanks to two primary factors: the five hundred doctors, nurses and employees who have placed their hearts, souls and skills at the service of our patients each and every day, and you – our benefactors.

Our patients are diverse, coming mainly from across the Bekaa Valley—an underdeveloped region which represents forty two percent of the Lebanese territory—to seek care in our hospital. Their needs are becoming ever more critical due to the floundering economy of the region, one which relies on agriculture to sustain it, and it is our responsibility to help, support and care for them in these dire economic times.

Your support will allow us to build an effective, efficient and up to date infrastructure to sustain our organization, and our patients, thus ensuring we are able to meet the challenges ahead. It will also allow us to introduce best practices, and the infrastructure necessary to achieve them in terms of patient treatment, care, safety and security in addition to allowing us to acquire the latest, and most advanced, equipment geared at patient care.

Your support will help us continue to care for each and every one of our patients, even those in our region who are uninsured and therefore in the most need of our help, alleviating their pain, anxiety and stress.

Your support will help us revitalize an icon; one that has provided care for the people of the region for over a hundred years.