This unit offers a broad range of radiological examinations that allow for the screening and diagnosing of patients with the help of equipment and efficient and qualitative processes.


The different types of medical imaging examinations that are practiced there are:


- X-ray, both standard and specialized (contrast)

- Ultrasound

- Computed tomography (CT) also called CT Scans

- Resonance imaging (MRI)

- Mammography

- Bone densitometry

- Panoramic dental x-ray

- Interventional radiology


Features of the Service


The medical imaging department is outfitted with high performance equipment, including:


Remote controlled digital table

Table recommended for urgent interventions GMM

Wall mounted device for the study of the spine and the lower limbs

Mammographic device

Mobile device for bedside imaging

Bone densitometry device

Ultrasound device

MRI apparatus

Scanner (16 bars)



The Team


This unit is under the responsibility of Head of the Radiology Department, Dr. Nabil Ammouri and radiologists Dr. Walid Attalah and Dr.Mayssoun Mehanna.


The radiology department welcomes patients from 07.00 a.m. to 19.00 p.m. and provides a night residence to ensure the continuity of the service in case of emergencies.


Tel. +961 8 823 0 55 ext. 1216

Doctors’ office ext. 1227