Inaugurated in July 2007, the cardiac catheterization laboratory is designed according to international norms. Located close to the medical and surgical cardiac intensive care units, the emergency room and the non-invasive cardiac exploration unit, it guarantees patients and doctors safety, efficiency and comfort.



Features of the Unit


The cardiovascular imaging system, Innova 2100IQ, is equipped with the latest semiconductor digital detector from GE, Revolution TM. This system is entirely integrated and perfectly adapted to the clinical requirements of interventional and diagnostic angiographies. It offers an excellent image quality, dose efficiency and clinical utility. This device is meant for patients from neonatal to geriatric, weighing a maximum of 204 KG. This device conforms to the norms for electromagnetic compatibility CEI 60601-1-2 for electro medical equipment.


The user requires both specific technical and medical knowledge in addition to expertise in radiation safety procedures. The staff in charge of the device has undergone training directed by the GE Healthcare’s representative to learn how to use it, and acquired knowledge of the latest cardiac innovations at EuroPCR 2011, a congress held in Paris by GE Healthcare.


List of Examinations


A qualified and experienced medical team, assisted by a nursing staff and well trained technicians, is available twenty four hours a day to undertake diagnostic and therapeutic examinations, such as:

Diagnostic coronary angiography

Coronary angioplasty

Implantation of multisite pacemakers of implantable defibrillators

Radiological vascular interventions (punctures, drainage, embolization, angioplasty, stenting etc…)



The Team


Seven doctors practice in this unit:

Dr. Amer Harmouch

Dr. Michel Fattouch

Dr. Mounir Riachi

Dr. Nicolas Moussallem

Dr. Omar Abdel Sater

Dr. Paul Charbel

Dr. Tony Ibrahim


Anesthetists are always available, even in case of emergency within the catheterization laboratory.

The nursing staff and specialized technical staff are available from Monday to Friday, 08.00 a.m. to 15.00 p.m. on a permanent basis, and are on call twenty four hours a day in case of emergency, as well as during the weekends and public holidays.


Conditions of Admission


Patients who come from a care unit must present themselves to the administrative offices twenty four hours before a procedure for:


Blood work: blood count, glycemic index, creatinine based upon prescription (electrolytes, TTP)

X-ray of the thorax and ECG

Femoral and radial shaving (limb specified by the doctor)


Patients must come with their health card, insurance and prescription.


Patients who arrive as an emergency are immediately transferred to the emergency department or the intensive care unit at the catheterization laboratory.



Tel. +961 8 823 055 EXT. 1322 - 1323