The Tel Chiha Hospital laboratory is conveniently located on the ground floor of Block C, providing easy access for disabled patients. The laboratory provides care services to in-patients and out-patients, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It is an integral part of the hospital, and is subject to its regulations.

In response to our clients increasing needs, we have accommodated our lab department a distinguishing feature, which is the ability to access their lab results from our website. We offer our clients a fast and secure method to retrieve their test results at no charge. As soon as results are released from the lab, they’re available on line. All they have to do is contact our cashier to obtain the required password. Phone number: 961 8 823055 ext 1151.

The main objective of the laboratory has always been to satisfy the needs and demands of patients in the Bekaa region by providing the highest quality and most up-to-date services.


Tel Chiha Hospital laboratory is managed by a qualified physician, with a broad knowledge of clinical medicine, medical science, clinical laboratory science, and laboratory operations.


The laboratory is organized in sections, providing services in clinical chemistry, hematology, serology, endocrinology and bacteriology. It is equipped with state of the art technology, including highly automated clinical chemistry analyzers (Cobas C311), immuno and hormone analyzers (Vidas and Cobas E411), and a hematology analyzer (Pentra DF Nexus) all connected to the laboratory information technology system to ensure better reliability and a rapid turn-around time. The proficiency of our staff is maintained at the highest levels through regular competency testing and continuous medical education programs.



Laboratory Sections

Hematology section

 The hematology section receives an average of seventy specimens a day including complete blood counts with white cell differentials, reticulocytes counts, erythrocyte sedimentation rates, peripheral blood parasites body fluid analysis and bone marrow aspirate diagnosis. Its area of specialization is blood and bone marrow morphology. This section is equipped with the latest Pentra DF Nexus, DF Pentra hematology analyzer providing 32 parameters with an automatic reflex testing and validation. It offers complete traceability and a QCP (Quality Control Program).


The integrated cytology atlas Hematovision aids in accurate diagnostics and provides an excellent educational tool for laboratory technicians and students. This section is equipped with regular and full Kohler Zeis microscopes.


Clinical chemistry section

The clinical chemistry section like the other laboratory sections has developed considerably and performs over seventy-five thousand tests annually. It is equipped with two Heraeus centrifuges and Cobas C311 analyzers which provide a full menu of over one hundred high performance assays with electronic updates and download, to ensure error free data handling. The laboratory maintains an internal and external quality control and proficiency testing program in order to systematically monitor and evaluate the quality of its services.


Endocrinology section

The endocrinology section performs a wide range of hormone testing, making use of two highly sophisticated analyzers: the Cobas E411 and the Vidas. The Cobas E411 and C311 are both electronically connected to the Roche Library in Germany to provide us with the most up-to-date information. Both analyzers process up to 95% of the serum work area workload. Besides routine endocrinology, the Cobas E411 performs vitamin D, bone and infectious disease markers analysis. The Vidas is also well known for its unbeatable performance in immunology, and is used to ensure reliable immunology testing.


Bacteriology section

The bacteriology section performs cultures for the isolation of infectious agents and performs different antimicrobial susceptibility assays. This section is equipped with a Vitek II analyzer that performs automated identification and sensitivity studies (MIC) that allow for the optimization of antibiotics therapy. This section works in collaboration with the infectious disease physician in the hospital and immediately relays critical results to the medical staff. It also collaborates with the public health authorities in the country to detect and monitor possible outbreaks of infectious disease in the Bekaa area.


Parasitology section

The microscopy-parasitology section allows for the diagnosis of patients with urinary tract infections and diseases affecting the kidneys. It permits the diagnosis of parasitic infections of the gastrointestinal tract and the detection of hidden blood in stool (guaiac test).


Serology section

The serology section performs different serological tests to diagnose infectious and non infectious diseases such as hepatitis, rheumatic diseases, allergies, pregnancy, HIV and TORCH. These tests are performed either on the Cobas E411, the Cobas C311, the Vidas or through commercial serology kits . The limitation of procedures are well monitored and closely observed to ensure reliable testing.


The laboratory department is under the responsibility and guidance of Dr. Naziha Makhlouf. The laboratory staff is made up of a chief technician, six other technicians and two secretaries.


Finally, the laboratory aims to provide the highest quality and most up-to-date services. Therefore policies have been set and implemented to maintain and improve the level of service quality provided to our customers. The quality of the laboratory services is further monitored by the SBL (Syndicat des Biologistes du Liban) by comparing results of unknown samples obtained by other laboratories on a monthly basis. Finally, the laboratory continuously evaluates its quality of service through constant evaluations of the needs of its patient population, the need for qualified medical staff and for new equipments.


Department of Medical Laboratory Science

Tel Chiha Hospital

Zahle – Bekaa

Tel: +961 8 8 23 055 Ext: 1234 – 1210