The maternity unit takes complete charge of maternity patients with care of the highest quality. This unit also trains nursing students, midwives and health care workers.



Benefits of the Unit


This unit distinguishes itself by the support it offers pregnant women, offering them prenatal training sessions to help them prepare for the birth.


The prenatal center, preparing patients for the birth and for pain free delivery, is remarkable. The methods used, both psychological and physical, has proved to be very efficient over the last few years, allowing women to be active during the delivery.


In the sixth month of pregnancy, women follow four preparatory sessions which are given successively and in small groups.


These sessions are held in the maternity unit, under the supervision of a specialized head nurse with twenty years of experience.


The aim of this unit is to take care of, and administer the best possible care to patients who:


-Present with functional issues and organic pathologies requiring hospitalization for treatment and/or surgery

-Have an “at risk” pregnancy


Providing support is also one of the priorities of the unit:


-In the fourth month of pregnancy, prenatal sessions are planned

-At each stage of delivery, the nursing staff ensure the safety and hygiene of the patient

-Following childbirth (postpartum), patients are provided with indispensible training


The maternity unit wishes to provide at home support to mothers in the future, to help them care for their child in a complete and satisfactory manner.


The Team


Gynecology and obstetrics activities are under the supervision of the head of the gynecology and obstetrics department, that of the midwife responsible for the delivery and the person in charge of preparing for the birth.




-          Dr. Antoine Nasrallah

-          Dr. Elias Harmouch 

-          Dr.Lebnan Abou Madi

-          Dr. Marcel Zalaquet 

-          Dr. Nada Moubarak 

-          Dr. Richard Kharrat 

-          Dr. Samir Akiki 

-          Dr.Ziad Salloum

 -         Dr. Georges Moutran

 -         Dr . Ghassan Zalaket


Pediatricians :

-          Dr.AbirGerious

-          Dr. Antoine Maalouf

-          Dr. David Breich

-          Dr. Faysal Ouwaychek

-          Dr. Georges El Hajj

-          Dr. Jean Saydeh

-          Dr. Joseph Hourany

-          Dr. Julien Lteif

-          Dr. Nabil Jreissaty

-          Dr. Pierre Abou Rjeily

-          Dr. Rabih Zaatar

-          Dr. Raymond Nahas

-          Dr. Sabine Maalouf

-          Dr. Zaher Haidar


Tél. +961 8 82 30 55 Ext 1224