Pulmonology (also known as pneumology) is a medical discipline dedicated to addressing respiratory troubles such as asthma, chronic, obstructive bronchopathy or more serious illnesses such as respiratory infections, or lung cancer. Treatment can vary from drug treatments to surgery depending on the case.


These treatments necessitate specialized equipment, such as bronchoscopes, to identify anomalies, the removal of foreign bodies inhaled, and the collection of specimens from the airways which are then sent to the laboratory for culture analysis and histological examination.


Benefits of the Department


As part of the renovation of Tel Chiha Hospital, the pulmonology department, managed by highly qualified pulmonologists, has been equipped with a latest generation bronchoscope (Olympus Excera 2) which allows for a very clear and sharp on-screen image. This state of the art technology places Tel Chiha Hospital on a par with the standards adopted by university hospitals.


This device allows for:

- A more precise diagnosis

- A greater maneuverability, especially in cases requiring a bronchial biopsy

- Better control of bleeds during endoscopies

- The transmission of images during examinations


Through this examination, patients can then be prescribed an efficient treatment adapted to their needs thanks to this more rigorous diagnostic tool.


From science and technology to human care, Tel Chiha Hospital offers its patients the ideal setting in which to remedy their respiratory troubles.


The Team


Dr. Charbel Faraj, Dr. Jean-Michel Hajjar , Dr. Nicolas Maacaron


Tel.: +961 8 82 30 55 Ext: 1143