Pediatric surgery, surgery performed on children, is a discipline that treats children—from birth to adolescence—who are suffering from illnesses that may require surgery. These illnesses fall under the digestive, thoracic, urinary and genital surgical departments. Also indispensible to the diagnosis and treatment of these patients is a close collaboration with other specialized departments, such as pediatrics, neonatal and pediatric intensive care, specialized anesthesiology and pediatric radiology.


Pediatric surgery requires an in-depth understanding of the profile and pathologies of the child, including: their history, their relationship with their parents, the specifics necessary for surgical procedures (e.g.: height and weight, equipments required etc…)


At Tel Chiha Hospital, in the heart of the mother-child region, the surgical care of children is undertaken either on an outpatient bases, or inpatient depending on the level of severity of the procedure required.


Outpatients: children are operated on during the day, and return home in the evening. This form of hospitalization is flawlessly executed by the surgical and anesthetic teams, and allows for the treatment of the following conditions:


- Abdominal hernias

- Testicular interventions

- Penis surgery


For inpatient pediatric surgery, the department is specially designed and adapted for more important interventions, such as:


- Visceral and digestive surgery for children and adolescents

- Urologic surgery, with support for the diagnosis of prenatal uropathies

- Laparoscopic surgery

- Neonatal surgery

- Thoracic surgery


Pediatric surgery remains a discipline that requires specific skills. Should you have any doubts about your child’s health, do not hesitate to contact our specialized department, as children shouldn’t be treated in the same manner as adults. Rather, they should be considered as a patient with unique pathologies which require the care of specialists.


The Team


The pediatric department is managed by Dr. Nabil Diab, Dr. Samir Joseph Ghantous, Dr. George Letfi and Dr. Smart Najib Zeidan.


Tel.: +961 8 82 30 55 Ext. 1148