Orthopedic and trauma surgery deals with the deformation of the joints, the bones, the tendons, the ligaments and peripheral nerves, and it’s a discipline that treats the vast majority of the human skeleton.


Benefits of the Department


The department of orthopedic and trauma surgery is outfitted with state of the art equipment that is best suited to the following deformities.




- Fractures of the pelvis and hips

- Fractures of the tibial plateau and patella

- Fractures of the ankle and leg

- Rupture of the Achilles tendon

- Fractures of the shoulder and humerus

- Fractures of the elbow and wrist

- Fractures of the spine


Or orthopedic:


- Hallux valgus

- Claw toe

- Carpal tunnel

- Dupuytren's contracture

- Trigger finger

- Synovial cyst

- Herniated disc


Depending on the bone structure affected, the specialists will decide upon a specific intervention:



- Arthroscopy
- Prosthesis
- ACL reconstruction
- Meniscectomy




- Hip replacement (THR)

- Osteosynthesis (screw, screw plate)

- Cervicocephalic prosthesis



- Cuff surgery (acromioplasty, tendon rehabilitation, arthroscopy)

- Anterior abutment



- MCL thumb reintegration

- Fasciectomy (Dupuytren)



- Hallux valgus, claw toe



- Herniated disc


The Team


The department is managed by qualified and competent orthopedists such as Dr. Pierre Abousleiman, Dr. Nassif Farah, Dr. Kamal Khoury and Dr. George Rabay.


Tel.: +961 8 82 30 55 Ext.: 1143