Anesthesiology is a medical discipline that has seen an unprecedented evolution since its inception.



Features of the Unit

 At Tel Chiha hospital we offer a complete range of treatments and clinical services, of which one is preoperative anesthesia tailored to young, adult and geriatric patients.


We use, and master, anesthesiology techniques which are adapted to every patient for whom we know the exact state of health.


Anesthesiology is aimed at ensuring the onset of sleep in the patient, thus rendering the patient insensitive to pain during surgery while monitoring and maintaining their vital functions throughout the procedure.


Our aim is to become an institution which offers an exceptional level of service while continuing our research, notably in this discipline.


In the future, we wish to introduce sonographic technology to allow us to eliminate pain during such procedures thanks to the use of ultrasounds.



The Team


A highly qualified and trained team of clinicians care for patients admitted for procedures to be carried out under anesthesia.


Dr. Cesar Maalouf

Dr. Nicolas Fren

Dr. Rola Hajj


Tel: 961 8 823 055 Ext. 1262