Tel Chiha Hospital

A Mission of Humanity and Love

(License under Decision No. 1642 – Beirut, August 5, 1949)


Tel Chiha Hospital was built on the property No. 279 of the Haouch Al Oumara region, owned by the Endowment of Our Lady of Salvation. The construction costs and expenses for this establishment were collected from funds bestowed by the Diocese of Our Lady of Salvation and from money received from donors, both local and international. The hospital is non-denominational, and welcomes patients from every religion, sect, region and nationality.



Tel Chiha Hospital is a humanitarian foundation of a charitable nature. It operates in accordance with the laws in force in the Lebanese Republic and it aims is to provide high-quality treatments and services to all patients, with no discrimination whatsoever.



On August 6, 1906, the Bishop Carlos Moughabghab, pastor of the Catholic Church in Zahle, laid the cornerstone of the hospital in collaboration with the Association of Catholic Charities. At the beginning of August 1949, the hospital was inaugurated during a distinguished ceremony.



The hospital was then further developed and managed by the successive Archbishops of Our Lady of Salvation alongside secular bodies and committees composed of representatives of the majority of the groups present in Zahle and the Bekaa, in addition to consultants and specialists drawn particularly from the Melkite Catholic community.



Tel Chiha Hospital seeks to:


  • Provide the best medical care and hospitalization services to its patients;
  • Assist patients in recovering their health and restoring hope and joy in their lives and the lives of their family members;
  • Provide spiritual and psychological aid to patients and their families.


The Administration of Tel Chiha Hospital has always encouraged mutual aid and collaboration among its staff who constitute the Tel Chiha family—doctors, nurses, administrative staff and technical staff--to ensure the objectives of the hospital are achieved.



Over the years Tel Chiha Hospital has not stopped developing its services, adding new patient suites and modern medical equipment, to become the preeminent and most comfortable hospital in the Beka.