«The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the OLD, but on building the New». (Socrates)


Face the first day of our appointment as Chief Executive Officer of Tel Chiha Hospital, we experienced Lands-on the importance of the legacy that this historic hospital bears. This heritage has made Tel Chiha a leading institution in healthcare and wellbeing of the community it serves despite all the hardships & difficulties it encountered and has involved successfully a new vision for the future.


Tel Chiha drive its strength from two fundamental factors:


  1. The spiritual guidance: not only for its sanctify, but also for its conviction faith in the commitment to perseverance and progress.
  2. The supporting community behind its religions leadership and all deriving institutions.

Our new administration commits to develop the working force that constitutes the solid staple on which Tel Chiha stands through a complete alignment with patient-centered professional development.


We have also committed to the project of reshaping all of Tel Chiha Hospital's departments in order to assert its role as an advanced healthcare & technical facility with respect to a green environment.


These commitments stem from a new dynamic team dedicated to quality from conceptualized assessment, all the way to the implementation of elevated standards in medical and paramedical care.


These dedication ensures rebuilding a strong & sustainable foothold across all departments.


Finally, the Tel Chiha's administration derives its confidence from the patients wellbeing, the acuity of repurposing its processes based on the constructive remarks our supporting community indulges us with.


Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Boustany